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Comparison: TCI and DSR

Our recent nakation to Palm Springs, CA we visited 2 nude resorts.  We could not choose one over the other since we have never been to either so we decided to try both.  In each review we did for Terra Cotta Inn(TCI) and Desert Sun Resort(DSR) we just limited the review to the resort only.  For this post we will talk about comparing the two resorts and our experience. We spent the first 4 days of our nakation at TCI which included the weekend.  The last 4 days we spent at DSR which was early in the week.  TCI seemed to have better attendance.  I think there were two reasons for this, 1: TCI is smaller and has one pool, 2: It was a weekend.  I think weekends bring in more day visitors and locals for the weekend.  DSR is larger with 3 pools and people can spread out giving off the feeling that attendance is light.  Fact is at DSR, the attendance was light regardless of its size. We were there early in the week so I would guess more people show up on the weekend as what happened at TCI.  Nudists in general are friendly people and the people at both resorts were equally friendly.  TCI is well suited for socializing as everyone is on the pool deck and if they are outside the room, you are basically hanging out with all the guests. At DSR, if you want to be alone there are plenty of places to seclude yourself.  The grounds at both resorts are beautiful. Since DSR is larger they have a lot more grounds to walk and they are well maintained.  If we compare the rooms at each resort, DSR has the more modern rooms that feel like any other hotel.  TCI has larger rooms but the decor is not as modern as a typical hotel.  To be honest, the room is not important to us.  That does not mean the rooms can be crappy, as long as everything is clean, functional and comfortable we really dont care about the decor.  We are not going to these resorts for decor, we are going so we can enjoy nude sunbathing. 

We had a great time at both resorts, but they were two different experiences.  For us, DSR was more quiet for us.  We met a few couples and chatted a little bit. But since there where not a lot of guests we enjoyed each other mostly, which was fine.  The staff at DSR was friendly as you would expect at any resort.  You can be nude anywhere at DSR but we would cover up when going into the lobby since everyone was dressed.  At TCI it was different.  We stayed nude 100% of the time unless we were going outside the resort.  Tom and Maryclare really make a difference in our opinion. As the owners and as nudists themselves, they created an environment where clothes are optional everywhere and we felt more comfortable going into the lobby clothes free. For us TCI was more social and we met several couples and exchanged contact information as we will look forward to seeing them on a future nakation.  We will definitely go back to TCI since we loved our time there.  We might go back to DSR.  We enjoyed our time more at TCI.  There are 2 issues with DSR that give us pause when considering a return.  First, since they have larger grounds there are more workers.  On one day which was obviously the ground maintenance day there were more workers then guests and they were working the grounds for the full day.  This became a bit bothersome when you were constantly confronted with dressed males.  We understand they have to do the work and we are fine with the workers but we dont think they should be out all day long, especially when there is light attendance.  Perhaps they could do the work in shorter shifts in the earlier hours before guests are seeking to use the grounds.  I dont know, but that one day after 3/4 of the day went by we were waiting for 4pm to their shift to be over so they would leave. When you are at a nude resort the last thing you want is to feel like you are the only ones naked, that is no fun.  Second issue, single males.  DSR allows single males and we noticed it. At certain times there was 1 single male for each couple so that is why it was noticeable.  Most of them kept to themselves and we met one gentleman with a group of people in the hot tub who was cool.  Two men while kept to themselves where obviously there to look at naked ladies which created a little bit of discomfort.  We have been to many public nude beaches over the years so dealing with this is not a big deal but we have not had to deal with this since going to nude resorts.  Not quite sure why a single man would want to spend free time around mostly couples.  I would think that a single person would spend their time looking for a mate, just my opinion. If I were single, I would be looking for a mate that I could bring, even if its just a friend…bring someone with you ! Dont just go by yourself.  I think we would try DSR again if we had other friends going but after our nakation, we prefer TCI.

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Nakation 2014: Desert Sun Resort

We spent 4 nights (Sun - Wed) at Desert Sun Resort ( at the end of jun for part of our nakation. Desert Sun Resort is just like any other modern hotel except its clothing optional.  We stayed in one of the Chaparral rooms. Room is small compared to standard hotels in a similar price range.  Floor is carpet except in bathroom which was all tile.  Bathroom had shower only, no tub. Bed was king sized and comfortable.  There was a mini refrigerator in room but no microwave.  No in room coffee but free coffee available in the lobby.  One wall in room is all mirror(does make room appear bigger). No breakfast is provided. Everything in room was clean and in working order.  Resort provides ample towels.  The resort is fairly large for a nude resort in a city environment.  It has 3 pools and 2 hot tubs.  1 pool and 1 hot tub is salt water.  There are plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas at each pool.  There are also several sitting areas near the pools that are comfortable.  There is a restaurant/bar on site but was mostly closed during our stay as we visited during low season.  We did have 1 lunch in the restaurant which was a sandwich special that was quite good and price was reasonable. The grounds are beautiful with mountain views.  There is a tennis court and fitness room if you want to sweat even more in 100+ temperatures. The grounds are big enough to take a nice walk, there is a water feature through part of the resort but it had no water during our stay. We spent most of our time nude sunbathing by the quiet pool. Attendance seemed light but there are plenty of places to sun bathe with 3 pools.  People were friendly, we chatted with a few other couples.  Single men are permitted and there were a few.  Ages seemed to be late 30’s to 70’s.  This is a beautiful resort to spend quality time with your spouse and in the nude.

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Nakation 2014: Terra Cotta Inn

We spent 4 nights (Wed - Sat) at Terra Cotta Inn ( at the end of June for part of our nakation.  Terra Cotta Inn is a 1960’s era hotel(with 17 rooms).  It is in the shape of a rectangle with the grounds, pool and hot tub in the middle very private, perfect setup for nude sunbathing.  The grounds are beautifully landscaped with mountain views.   We stayed in one of their rooms with a full kitchen, #31. One wall is all glass, part of the original architecture that can be closed off with blinds for privacy.  The room is quite large compared to other hotels with similar amenities.  Floor was all ceramic tile except in bathroom it was black and white vinyl tile. Bathroom was a full bath with a tub/shower.  Kitchen had stove/oven, sink, refrigerator, microwave, no dishwasher.  Kitchen had everything to prepare meals ie pots/pans, utensils, glassware, etc. Bed was king sized and comfortable. Pillows could be replaced, a little on the flat side, but we slept well.  The room was very clean and everything was in working order.  The decor is a little bit dated compared to today’s hotels but trying to honor the 60’s era of the original hotel I believe the decor is appropriate.  I can see others might not like it, but it is fine.  We spent little time in the room anyway since we are here to enjoy nude sunbathing and skinny dipping.  There were plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas around the pool.  Ample towels were supplied. Half of the pool area is under a misting system.  The pool is a salt water heated pool which was wonderful.  The resort also has plenty of floats for guests to use.  The hot tub is salt water as well and a wonderful place to hang out in the beautiful Palm Springs nights.  At Terra Cotta the main attraction is the pool where most guests can be found.  Nudists are very friendly people and we made many friends during our stay.  Ages ranged from guessing mid 20’s and up.  One couple there was celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary, they were adorable.  A small breakfast was provided (pastries, fruit, juice, coffee, etc.) and in the afternoon (4pm) there was complementary wine and some appetizers(different everyday).  The owners Tom and Mary Clare are active owners and on site everyday.  They are very friendly and lovely people.  They are hard working owners and it shows as they have created a fantastic product.  Terra Cotta is a fantastic location to enjoy a nude vacation. We cant wait to go back.

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Nakation 2014: Palm Springs, CA

For our 2014 nakation we decided to go to sunny Palm Springs in California.  We have never been out west so we decided 2014 would be a Palm Springs trip.  We considered 3 locations for our 2014 nakation.  In the running was Hidden Beach resort in Mexico, Club Orient in St Martin and Palm Springs.  We ultimately decided against Hidden Beach due to cost.  It is the most expensive option we considered, but is does look and sound fabulous.  It came down to St. Martin vs Palm Springs.  Even though getting to Palm Springs for us would involve more travel then St. Martin, Palm Springs came in as the cheaper option and we were looking keep the cost down this year.  In addition to cost Club Orient did not have a pool.  We do love the beach but lately we prefer the pool/resort over the beach/resort. If we can get both then that is a plus.  So, Palm Springs it was for nakation. We had several options in Palm Springs to pick from for nude resorts.  There was Terra Cotta Inn, Desert Sun Resort and Living Waters Spa in the immediate area.  We decided against Living Waters since it seemed a bit too small to spend a week.  We debated quite a bit over Terra Cotta and Desert Sun.  We could not make up our mind, so since they are so close to one another we decided to visit both resorts.  We split the vacation between the 2 resorts spending 4 nights at Terra Cotta and 4 nights at Desert Sun. We will describe both resorts in detail in separate posts.  The Palm Springs area is very different then any place we have been.  We were there at the end of June which is considered low season in Palm Springs since it gets very hot. The land scape is very dramatic, surrounded by 10,000ft mountain ranges offers spectacular views.  During the day we spent our time relaxing at the nude resorts.  Around 6ish we would get ready and go out on the town for dinner.  It was quite enjoyable to relax nude and then go out in the evening.  At other nude resorts we have been to we stayed at the resort the entire time so this was a nice change.   After dinner our routine was to stop at a local store to pick up a few things for lunch or breakfast the next day.  After that we would return to the resort and go in the pool and hot tub and hang out until the wee hours.  The nights in Palm Springs are fantastic.  Nights were warm, breezy and no mosquitoes.  Its so dry that mosquitoes cannot breed, something we have never experienced, it was wonderful.  Every day was sunny and hot.  Every Thursday night there is a street festival which we went to, lots of fun.  There are a lot more vendors when not in off season but there were several blocks of food and craft vendors. We also made a visit to the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway.  A tram that rotates 360 degrees as it rides up to the top at around 8500ft is pretty cool and worth a trip.  At the bottom is desert hot heat (100+ degrees) and at the top is 70 degrees with stunning views of the valley below.  There are hiking trails at the top as well a bar and restaurant.  We planned to do several other trips in Palm Springs but they were primarily daytime activities and it was too hot to get dressed, so we stayed naked at the pool.  It was a great nakation.  Would recommend anyone interested in Palm Springs to go as you will have perfect weather to enjoy in the nude. We have posted reviews of the restaurants we went to on Trip Advisory.  Our ID is ncouple ( on Trip Adviser if you are interested in more reviews.  

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We’re back

Well, I know we wanted to post here more often but that obviously did not happen.  Its difficult to find time when work consumes most of our time.  Well we just got back from our latest nakation and will add a few posts about that now.

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Well…its been a while since we posted here.  Our original plan was to post about our nude travels.  We postponed this years nakation at the last minute in favor of spending our money on some home improvement.  We were planning on returning to N resort since we had an outstanding time there.  We were reading that N resort recently changed ownership and this made us take a “wait and see” attitude.  So, since we opted to not go on an official nakation this year we will share some of our thoughts and experiences on nudism.  We will not post about our daily activities since talking about naked morning coffee is probably quite boring and not all that interesting.  We will say that if you are interested or curious about nudism then you should definitely…try nude.  It will change your life…for the better.

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N Resort review: wow

If you have never tried a nude vacation, this is an excellent place for a first time experience. If you are already a nude vacationer, this resort is an absolute “must” place to visit. Every day we spent time on the beach, in the ocean, in the pool, in the hot tub, the slide and in the sun and we kept saying to ourselves how awesome the place is. Its the best vacation we ever had, ever and cannot wait to go back…its that good.  We are already planning our return trip.

Here are a few more pictures.

This was the door to our room(227..I made a mistake saying 226) looking down the block/building towards the other rooms:

This was the view looking straight down from our balcony(maybe 20 feet from the water…):

Looking down the beach(east):

A sitting area between building with a older hot tub that was not in use:

Our favorite sign(in the pool area):

Midday view from balcony:

This is from a staff guided walk we took down the beach a mile or so, clothes were optional, need water shoes in a few areas but beautiful:

Our morning routine was started by waking up to gentle waves, in room coffee and sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise. Nothing beats naked morning coffee ocean side with a side of sun rise…our view looking west:

and looking east(wow):

Go ahead and give this place a try and try nude…

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N Resort review: Wifi

They have wifi and its free. Signal strength is not the best from room(room location will affect this). Best signal strength for us was at the pool. Once connected to the wifi router the speed of the connection was also an issue. Its not a fast connection so if you need to download a graphics intensive web page or pictures it will be painfully slow. We tried video chatting a couple of times but it was painful. The best way for us to communicate was via email and text chatting apps on iOS and Android. Initially I was disappointed with the wifi but after a day it was really quite a luxury to be somewhat disconnected. It is a vacation after all and I can do the connected 24/7 thing all the time. So there is wifi, its included but don’t plan on the connection being like you are used to at home. After our week I view the network as a net plus since it allows you to check in and that is really enough when you are on vacation, IMHO

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N Resort review: Food

I have read some mixed reviews regarding the food. The topic of food is going to be very subjective, some will love, other will not(true for any resort). We happened to LOVE the food.
The food was simply outstanding in our humble opinion. Every breakfast and lunch we enjoyed awesome fresh fruit. Breakfast was always great. Its hard not to do a great job on breakfast type food. Dinners were fabulous. Ranged from dinner on the beach to dinner alternating between their 2 restaurants. I had some of the best meals at dinner. I read some reviews that complained about small portion sizes and they are small compared to the US. But that is a GOOD thing! There is always an appetizer, salad/soup, main course and dessert…that is plenty of food! If that does not do it for you, simply ask for more..they will make you another dish. You cannot possible go hungry here. Then there was lunch. This turned out to be our favorite meal of the day. Lunch is always served in the beach grill next the pool(also the same for breakfast). Since we arrived late on our first day and missed lunch(they whipped us whatever we wanted when we did show up…we asked for grilled cheese), our second day which was our first full day we made it to lunch and decided to try their jerked wraps. We ordered one jerked chicken and one jerked pork wrap.

The pork. My mouth is watering as a look at this again….

The Chicken:

OMG…simply one of the best things we have ever eaten. We wound up getting the wrap sandwich every day for lunch…it was that good. We cut out the fries and also would occasionally ask for the lunch special and split it so we would not miss some of the awesome specials.

One of the lunch specials…fresh caught local fish from that morning…I forget the kind of fish it was, but it was outstanding:

Lunch was the best(we loved it so much we took pictures…). Its hard to beat a place where you can swim up to an in pool bar, nude and get served with outstanding food and drink. Simply Awesome.

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N Resort review: Staff

We have read many reviews about how great the staff is at N and all those reviews are very accurate. We have never come across such a friendly staff and they are one of the best assets the resort has. They are the cream that puts this place over the top. Freddie will do just about anything he can to make sure you are happy and enjoy your stay. He knows how to deliver OUTSTANDING customer service and it ripples through every staff member from the Chefs to the maintenance folks. We have never been to a resort(even high end luxury resorts) and been greeted at every turn of every day with such great resort staff. I mentioned the rooms are clean, they are cleaned more then once a day. You get your standard morning room clean like at any decent hotel anywhere but it gets cleaned again…when you are at dinner when they prep the room for bedtime. Almost everyday we would track in some sand from the beach as we got ready for dinner. After dinner, no trace of sand, fresh towels and bed turned down, outstanding. I could go on and on about the staff, but I think you get the point. Other reviews are very accurate on this point.